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My Instagram Journey


I decided to understand and learn social media platforms, I obviously need to get some of my traffic from there so I picked Instagram first since it seems the easiest/hottest right now and created 4 IG accounts for my websites (and a personal one just for the heck of it).

1st Month:

gained like 2k followers in total in all accounts but spent a lot of time trying to understand and learn, goal is 5 times this next month. I will probably not start monetizing before like 10k followers in each account but even then I feel it will probably be too early.

Poni Dyziplen 2017

NEEDS editing

Hello, it’s Saturday the 31st of December 2016 and I am doing my usual new years resolution post. The past couple years I have been mostly doing poker goals (on forums) but I am trying to step away from poker as much as I can and going back into internet marketing mainly so it won’t make much sense posting there as I am not decided how much time I can still invest into poker going forward and have no real ambitions to reach higher stakes and such.

I will try something different this year, been thinking about this for a while and thought 2016 didn’t go all that well for me because of a lack of discipline (hence the name of this post Dyziplen :P). Anyhow without much bla bla I am going to list a few things of don’ts and do’s and gonna try my best to stick to it for the year.


daily exercise (during “fatigue days” I will still do some kind of pilates move or whatever, I think the key is to do something everyday even when it sucks)

– minimum 2km of whatever a day (running, walking or whatnot – if I choose to cycle I will do min. 20km)

– 90% clean diet (not going to elaborate on what I consider clean in this post, might do another soon on the subject)

– spend more time with family and friends and make new meaningful friendships

– have fun, continue traveling the world and not worry about the money




– limit weekly alcohol intake either to 8 cans of beer, 2 bottles of wine or 1 bottle of vodka but I think an occasional bender is fine if I am at a party or having a good time with friends (this won’t be an exact science but I got a bit of a drinking habit I need to control and this is a step in the right direction)

– obviously keep staying away from any other addictions (I still struggle a little from time to time since I quit smoking), perhaps I will allow myself some weed occasionally and anything natural but in moderation 😉

– don’t use any product that is not 100% natural except hand soap until I find a good alternative (fuck them chemicals, this includes shampoos, toothpaste and all that other nonsense we got conditioned to use)

– don’t work more than 8 hours a day or 40 a week (I am a bit of a workaholic this is actually a big problem but I am going to make a change now)

– cheat meals, sweets and other crap will be fairly non existent in 2017 but since I travel a lot I am expecting the occasional fast food meal or pizza and if I have a craving I will allow myself a bar or 2 of chocolate a week but it will be a lot less than 2016 overall

My No Shampoo and No Soap Experiment

I just wanted to start a quick blog post about my newest experiment, I have been soap free and shampoo free for over a month now and I figured it’s time to track what is working and what is not working for me.

So far I have been not using any products at all or shampoo and soap alternatives, so yeah about 1 month of only water showers (but pretty much every day). The only thing I did do during the first couple weeks was using baking soda rubbed under my armpits after every shower but I haven’t done this in over a week now and not gotten any complaints so far haha.

My hair felt super greasy the first 2-3 weeks in but now it seems a slight bit better but since I have quite long hair it is very noticeably still (not a good look), as for body odours and such well judging by my own nose I do smell ok (not great but ok), and second opinions have been mixed. I do however notice some slight improvements but I don’t feel fully clean to be honest but my skin feels much better overall.

So starting today I will try make use of my leftover rhassoul clay until it is finished and the reevaluate (I did a similar experiment about 2 years ago with rhassoul but only lasted a few weeks) and start showering my hair and body with it and see how it goes so I will update this blog post again in a few weeks I guess.

New update 31st December 2016, I have been using Rhassoul (or Ghassoul or whatever it is called) every other day for the past few weeks, usually like 3-5 days of water only showers and then a Rhassoul Clay shower, my hair and body feels quite clean after Rhassoul showers but it’s not perfect, and during the water only days my hair gets quite oily again but I don’t hate it all that much, too early to tell. Gonna finish this pack I have left and the reevaluate, ideally I would like to go water only eventually but I don’t think it will be possible as I need to get a proper clean up every other day. Next update in a month or so…




Internet Marketing Case Study # 1 – My Drop Shipping Journey


this is a spare of the moment post after not having touched this blog in over a year. I am planning to finally give drop shipping a try and this blog post will document my journey. I will not be sharing the domain name of my store but I am planning to be as transparent as possible for everything else ;).

So this December 5th, after a full day of research collecting ideas etc and a quick meeting with Malaya just now this journey is about to start :). We didn’t have a hard time deciding which of my backburner domains we will be building our first store on, so as I am typing this the DNS is propagating and tomorrow I will be setting up a WP blog and doing some more research and probably be buying the plugin I have been eyeing today.

I will be focussing my first drop shipping days using Ali Express as I figured this will be the easiest for a newcomer like myself, as I hopefully make some sales I will be looking into other opportunities.

Today is Dec. 7th and I have now finally set up most of the basics for my store (I decided on using the AliDropship plugin) after spending a lot of hours dealing with technical issues. I already have my first couple products imported that I am planning to sell and I figure in about a week I will have it set up perfectly and can start promoting it, I will update this blog post then again with some more details, breakdown of costs and such.

Dec. 9th today, Malaya and I are still busy setting everything up. We got about 50 carefully selected products so far, rewriting descriptions is taking the most time, we will try to get to about 100 and then start working some social media angles.

Dec. 31st not much happened, we still haven’t launched the first site (tech issues) but it is pretty much ready to market and we actually started a second dropship site I had on the backburner for a while (used to be a fitness ebook).  I am actually waiting on getting some mobile responsiveness issues fixed thats why I don’t want to market the sites just yet, I am thinking of taking a trip to Asian next month so there will be more delays but End of February should be good to go.



Dymaxion Sleep Cycle (sleep 2 Hours a Day) – My last try at adapting to Polyphasic Sleep

Time to shine haha… I have been trying for +6 months in total to adapt to polyphasic sleeping, namely the Everyman 3 sleep schedule and Dual Core 1… I sticked to my schedules but it was still a failure since i didn’t learn to properly nap in all that time, I have been getting on average 3-4 hours of sleep during those 6 months, I usually managed to get the main core in but very rarely managed to hit the naps which kept me in somewhat a zombie mode but I was functioning (like on 70% energy or so).

When I first looked into polyphasic sleep like a year ago I found the dymaxion sleep schedule to be the most interesting and seemingly most worthwhile sleep schedule (yes more than uberman even). But unfortunately that sleep pattern has gotten so much bad rep in the polyphasic communities basically saying that it is the hardest sleep schedule to adapt to and that only 1% of the population have the gene that would even make attempting this schedule possible so I quickly gave up on the idea and moved on and chose easier schedules.

But about a month ago I found an old log from a girl that transitioned successfully into the dymaxion using a guide she purchased on the internet, till now I am not a 100% convinced it is a legit log, around the same time I found a bunch of other reports of successful adaption and most of it feels like it was just planted linking back to the guide so I grew even more skeptical (I have years of internet marketing experience so I know most tricks lol) but I was still ready to buy it and see for myself however the owner stopped selling the guide because he plans to rework the thing and do some more research according to his blog.

Eventually I got in contact with the owner of the guide and his replies have been very encouraging saying that he personally helped a couple people adapt to dymaxion and he offered to provide me with the old guide but I still mentioned my concerns about all those comments and posts online that I found to be fake and haven’t heard from him since lol, however my friend purchased the guide and he sent it to me yesterday.

to be continued

Stop being a “Weekend Chain Smoker”

I have started smoking when I was 12 or 13 years old and have since quit and started smoking many many times. Until about 21 years old I have smoked every day without my family knowing, then I had a moment of strength and probably low funds (lol) during my hitchhiking years and quit for almost 2 years and have since been on and off cigarettes all the time and it’s very annoying that I am doing this to my health and also kind of exhausting to always go thru the withdrawal symptoms.

I got this thing where I don’t smoke at all for weeks but then comes a night out, or a stressful moment or even a great moment and I am buying a pack that night and then buy another next day and have a couple cigarettes a day for a few weeks and then quit again a for a few weeks before the cycle starts over, so I am calling it my weekend chain smoker issue :D.

Not sure where this post will be heading to right now but just wanted to post this already to keep me mindful of that problem…. laters….

Update July 17th 2014:

Looks like this post is about a month old now, I finally found a moment of strength and quit FOREVER a couple hours ago. It got worse with me smoking daily again. I didn’t wait for my last pack of cigarettes to be finished like I usually do (destroyed them!) and also this time (before I always kept a little asterisk with a loophole open) I have told myself there won’t be exceptions when I go out drinking or have a stressful moment or whatever, I made it clear to myself that this will be it, I will never smoke a cigarette again. I am used to dealing with the withdrawal stuff so that will be annoying for a few days or a week but not too hard for me, the real test is time, I need to be strong when tempted…

I feel good right now and looking forward to a smoke free life, I hope I will have a positive update in a couple months here.

My High Doses Experiment with Vitamin D3 (and Vitamin K2)

I have been thinking about this for a while after reading some books and blogs where people had some good results with this and I think in the spirit of this young Blog I should just take action and give it a try and see for myself, so I just went on Ebay and ordered 360 vitamin D3 capsules (5000 IU) from the UK as it is not really legal to sell them in Germany in “high doses” plus 90 capsules of vitamin K2 (includes K1, K2 MK4 and K2 MK7), the K2 MK7 is what I am after mainly and those capsules got 200 mcg of it each.

Not sure how I am going to do this self test, probably start out slow and post some observations here once a week or so, now waiting for the capsules to arrives, takes a week, sigh…


Polyphasic Sleep – My Road to adapting a Dual Core Sleep Schedule (DC1)

My adaption to polyphasic sleep is one of the biggest puzzle pieces in building the life/daily routine I am after, I have been flamed by a lot of people for keeping up with it even after long times in zombie mode (no-one in my family knows yet and I won’t tell before I am actually adapted). In my heart I know that this is what I want and the more I think about it the worse a monophasic lifestyle sounds.

This is my second try, well actually 3rd try if I include my couple weeks long try to adapt to the Everyman 3 schedule but I came to the realization that having to hit too many naps is just not possible for me yet (I almost never fall asleep for cat naps, big struggle without a quiet mind).

My first Dual Core 1 try was this winter in the Philippines, where I basically lasted more than 2 months on DC1 but I never really got out of sleep deprivation, there were some good days but overall I was just feeling shit and tired, I am pretty sure it’s because I have been going at it only half-heartedly, my overall health/fitness and I haven’t followed some important guidelines like for example wearing red glasses between first and second core which is bad for melatonin production especially if I spend some time on the computer between cores but I bought now a really nice pair of red glasses from Stihl :).

So yeah as I am writing this I am officially back on DC1 for a week plus about 10 days prior trying to learn to nap and getting used to bed and wake up times (big fail for the cat naps- slept 0 minutes in total!).

This is how my schedule looks like and I am not planning to change anything until I am fully adapted, making adjustments too early last time was a big mistake, I know that now:

21.45-1.15 – 1st core
5.15-6.45 – 2nd core
12.45-13.05 – nap

So one week in I still haven’t hit a single of my 12.45-13.05 naps and I am struggling falling asleep for my second 5.15-6.45 core, the one today I failed to sleep completely and my main 21.45-1.15 core I usually lose quite some time before falling asleep and getting up at 1.15 is just THE worst but sleeping in is not an option, I need to send my body the right signals so it starts to understand when to get the SWS and REM it needs.

I guess I will just keep editing this post every once in a while with updates on my progress, one big worry is that it will take me a lot of time to adapt, I can’t really afford making sleepiness induced mistakes on the poker table, so it’s crucial to do things right and make adaption process as swift as possible or it will hurt my career.


Toni 🙂

The Beginning Of REAL Change

Hello, my name is Toni, 31 years old and I had a bit of a wake-up call a few weeks ago when I almost passed out on a short bicycle ride to my garden house (the same guy that bicycled 2 continents like 7 years prior), because of that and a bunch of other signs of poor health, lots of stress and an overall unfulfilling life I have decided to make a bunch of real changes in my life and work on building the life/health/happiness I always wanted and this blog will help me keep track of my goals/ideas and motivate me to become the person I really want to be.

I am blessed with a fairly clear idea of how I want my life to look like in the future but the last few years I have been doing things completely wrong in so many ways, basically I was step by step bringing me further away from my dreams and am now sitting on a bunch home-made problems. I am regretting a lot of my decisions but there is no point dwelling in the past, I got a whole future ahead of me so it’s not too late to finally make the right choices and live the dream :)…

Starting this blog is already a big step in the right direction for me, I have no idea how many notebooks with ideas/plans/goals/dreams I started in my life and then abandoned or getting side tracked mainly because I was a serious workaholic the past years (and got nothing really to show for, which just makes me shake my head as I write this). I basically wasted some of the best years of my life in front of the computer trying to get rich and set me up for a good future when I could have had a good life in the present moment and avoided some of the problems with health and others I am facing now, not saying it was all that bad, I did have some pretty good years earning wise but my money management wasn’t the best so I am basically back starting at zero.

Going forward I am going to work more smart and effective and will have plenty of time in my day for other things (I am hoping to become a professional poker player by the end of 2014 but not by forcing it this time but by choosing the smart path) . Taking over this website which used to be a placeholder for my domain brokerage and finally putting it towards the use I more or less intended for it like 4 years ago when I bought it feels like the beginning of a lot of good things to come for me.

I am not really sure how the whole thing will be put together but I guess I will just keep writing brutally honest posts about the stuff I want/need to work on, some ideas, my poker career, hobbies, my travels etc and sort things out later…

Let’s go! I am ready for some serious mind and body hacking!

Toni 🙂