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Poni Dyziplen 2017

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Hello, it’s Saturday the 31st of December 2016 and I am doing my usual new years resolution post. The past couple years I have been mostly doing poker goals (on forums) but I am trying to step away from poker as much as I can and going back into internet marketing mainly so it won’t make much sense posting there as I am not decided how much time I can still invest into poker going forward and have no real ambitions to reach higher stakes and such.

I will try something different this year, been thinking about this for a while and thought 2016 didn’t go all that well for me because of a lack of discipline (hence the name of this post Dyziplen :P). Anyhow without much bla bla I am going to list a few things of don’ts and do’s and gonna try my best to stick to it for the year.


daily exercise (during “fatigue days” I will still do some kind of pilates move or whatever, I think the key is to do something everyday even when it sucks)

– minimum 2km of whatever a day (running, walking or whatnot – if I choose to cycle I will do min. 20km)

– 90% clean diet (not going to elaborate on what I consider clean in this post, might do another soon on the subject)

– spend more time with family and friends and make new meaningful friendships

– have fun, continue traveling the world and not worry about the money




– limit weekly alcohol intake either to 8 cans of beer, 2 bottles of wine or 1 bottle of vodka but I think an occasional bender is fine if I am at a party or having a good time with friends (this won’t be an exact science but I got a bit of a drinking habit I need to control and this is a step in the right direction)

– obviously keep staying away from any other addictions (I still struggle a little from time to time since I quit smoking), perhaps I will allow myself some weed occasionally and anything natural but in moderation 😉

– don’t use any product that is not 100% natural except hand soap until I find a good alternative (fuck them chemicals, this includes shampoos, toothpaste and all that other nonsense we got conditioned to use)

– don’t work more than 8 hours a day or 40 a week (I am a bit of a workaholic this is actually a big problem but I am going to make a change now)

– cheat meals, sweets and other crap will be fairly non existent in 2017 but since I travel a lot I am expecting the occasional fast food meal or pizza and if I have a craving I will allow myself a bar or 2 of chocolate a week but it will be a lot less than 2016 overall