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My No Shampoo and No Soap Experiment

I just wanted to start a quick blog post about my newest experiment, I have been soap free and shampoo free for over a month now and I figured it’s time to track what is working and what is not working for me.

So far I have been not using any products at all or shampoo and soap alternatives, so yeah about 1 month of only water showers (but pretty much every day). The only thing I did do during the first couple weeks was using baking soda rubbed under my armpits after every shower but I haven’t done this in over a week now and not gotten any complaints so far haha.

My hair felt super greasy the first 2-3 weeks in but now it seems a slight bit better but since I have quite long hair it is very noticeably still (not a good look), as for body odours and such well judging by my own nose I do smell ok (not great but ok), and second opinions have been mixed. I do however notice some slight improvements but I don’t feel fully clean to be honest but my skin feels much better overall.

So starting today I will try make use of my leftover rhassoul clay until it is finished and the reevaluate (I did a similar experiment about 2 years ago with rhassoul but only lasted a few weeks) and start showering my hair and body with it and see how it goes so I will update this blog post again in a few weeks I guess.

New update 31st December 2016, I have been using Rhassoul (or Ghassoul or whatever it is called) every other day for the past few weeks, usually like 3-5 days of water only showers and then a Rhassoul Clay shower, my hair and body feels quite clean after Rhassoul showers but it’s not perfect, and during the water only days my hair gets quite oily again but I don’t hate it all that much, too early to tell. Gonna finish this pack I have left and the reevaluate, ideally I would like to go water only eventually but I don’t think it will be possible as I need to get a proper clean up every other day. Next update in a month or so…