Dymaxion Sleep Cycle (sleep 2 Hours a Day) – My last try at adapting to Polyphasic Sleep

Time to shine haha… I have been trying for +6 months in total to adapt to polyphasic sleeping, namely the Everyman 3 sleep schedule and Dual Core 1… I sticked to my schedules but it was still a failure since i didn’t learn to properly nap in all that time, I have been getting on average 3-4 hours of sleep during those 6 months, I usually managed to get the main core in but very rarely managed to hit the naps which kept me in somewhat a zombie mode but I was functioning (like on 70% energy or so).

When I first looked into polyphasic sleep like a year ago I found the dymaxion sleep schedule to be theĀ most interesting and seemingly most worthwhile sleep schedule (yes more than uberman even). But unfortunately that sleep pattern has gotten so much bad rep in the polyphasic communities basically saying that it is the hardest sleep schedule to adapt to and that only 1% of the population have the gene that would even make attempting this schedule possible so I quickly gave up on the idea and moved on and chose easier schedules.

But about a month ago I found an old logĀ from a girl that transitioned successfully into the dymaxion using a guide she purchased on the internet, till now I am not a 100% convinced it is a legit log, around the same time I found a bunch of other reports of successful adaption and most of it feels like it was just planted linking back to the guide so I grew even more skeptical (I have years of internet marketing experience so I know most tricks lol) but I was still ready to buy it and see for myself however the owner stopped selling the guide because he plans to rework the thing and do some more research according to his blog.

Eventually I got in contact with the owner of the guide and his replies have been very encouraging saying that he personally helped a couple people adapt to dymaxion and he offered to provide me with the old guide but I still mentioned my concerns about all those comments and posts online that I found to be fake and haven’t heard from him since lol, however my friend purchased the guide and he sent it to me yesterday.

to be continued

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