Internet Marketing Case Study # 1 – My Drop Shipping Journey


this is a spare of the moment post after not having touched this blog in over a year. I am planning to finally give drop shipping a try and this blog post will document my journey. I will not be sharing the domain name of my store but I am planning to be as transparent as possible for everything else ;).

So this December 5th, after a full day of research collecting ideas etc and a quick meeting with Malaya just now this journey is about to start :). We didn’t have a hard time deciding which of my backburner domains we will be building our first store on, so as I am typing this the DNS is propagating and tomorrow I will be setting up a WP blog and doing some more research and probably be buying the plugin I have been eyeing today.

I will be focussing my first drop shipping days using Ali Express as I figured this will be the easiest for a newcomer like myself, as I hopefully make some sales I will be looking into other opportunities.

Today is Dec. 7th and I have now finally set up most of the basics for my store (I decided on using the AliDropship plugin) after spending a lot of hours dealing with technical issues. I already have my first couple products imported that I am planning to sell and I figure in about a week I will have it set up perfectly and can start promoting it, I will update this blog post then again with some more details, breakdown of costs and such.

Dec. 9th today, Malaya and I are still busy setting everything up. We got about 50 carefully selected products so far, rewriting descriptions is taking the most time, we will try to get to about 100 and then start working some social media angles.

Dec. 31st not much happened, we still haven’t launched the first site (tech issues) but it is pretty much ready to market and we actually started a second dropship site I had on the backburner for a while (used to be a fitness ebook).  I am actually waiting on getting some mobile responsiveness issues fixed thats why I don’t want to market the sites just yet, I am thinking of taking a trip to Asian next month so there will be more delays but End of February should be good to go.



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