My High Doses Experiment with Vitamin D3 (and Vitamin K2)

I have been thinking about this for a while after reading some books and blogs where people had some good results with this and I think in the spirit of this young Blog I should just take action and give it a try and see for myself, so I just went on Ebay and ordered 360 vitamin D3 capsules (5000 IU) from the UK as it is not really legal to sell them in Germany in “high doses” plus 90 capsules of vitamin K2 (includes K1, K2 MK4 and K2 MK7), the K2 MK7 is what I am after mainly and those capsules got 200 mcg of it each.

Not sure how I am going to do this self test, probably start out slow and post some observations here once a week or so, now waiting for the capsules to arrives, takes a week, sigh…


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