Polyphasic Sleep – My Road to adapting a Dual Core Sleep Schedule (DC1)

My adaption to polyphasic sleep is one of the biggest puzzle pieces in building the life/daily routine I am after, I have been flamed by a lot of people for keeping up with it even after long times in zombie mode (no-one in my family knows yet and I won’t tell before I am actually adapted). In my heart I know that this is what I want and the more I think about it the worse a monophasic lifestyle sounds.

This is my second try, well actually 3rd try if I include my couple weeks long try to adapt to the Everyman 3 schedule but I came to the realization that having to hit too many naps is just not possible for me yet (I almost never fall asleep for cat naps, big struggle without a quiet mind).

My first Dual Core 1 try was this winter in the Philippines, where I basically lasted more than 2 months on DC1 but I never really got out of sleep deprivation, there were some good days but overall I was just feeling shit and tired, I am pretty sure it’s because I have been going at it only half-heartedly, my overall health/fitness and I haven’t followed some important guidelines like for example wearing red glasses between first and second core which is bad for melatonin production especially if I spend some time on the computer between cores but I bought now a really nice pair of red glasses from Stihl :).

So yeah as I am writing this I am officially back on DC1 for a week plus about 10 days prior trying to learn to nap and getting used to bed and wake up times (big fail for the cat naps- slept 0 minutes in total!).

This is how my schedule looks like and I am not planning to change anything until I am fully adapted, making adjustments too early last time was a big mistake, I know that now:

21.45-1.15 – 1st core
5.15-6.45 – 2nd core
12.45-13.05 – nap

So one week in I still haven’t hit a single of my 12.45-13.05 naps and I am struggling falling asleep for my second 5.15-6.45 core, the one today I failed to sleep completely and my main 21.45-1.15 core I usually lose quite some time before falling asleep and getting up at 1.15 is just THE worst but sleeping in is not an option, I need to send my body the right signals so it starts to understand when to get the SWS and REM it needs.

I guess I will just keep editing this post every once in a while with updates on my progress, one big worry is that it will take me a lot of time to adapt, I can’t really afford making sleepiness induced mistakes on the poker table, so it’s crucial to do things right and make adaption process as swift as possible or it will hurt my career.


Toni 🙂

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