Stop being a “Weekend Chain Smoker”

I have started smoking when I was 12 or 13 years old and have since quit and started smoking many many times. Until about 21 years old I have smoked every day without my family knowing, then I had a moment of strength and probably low funds (lol) during my hitchhiking years and quit for almost 2 years and have since been on and off cigarettes all the time and it’s very annoying that I am doing this to my health and also kind of exhausting to always go thru the withdrawal symptoms.

I got this thing where I don’t smoke at all for weeks but then comes a night out, or a stressful moment or even a great moment and I am buying a pack that night and then buy another next day and have a couple cigarettes a day for a few weeks and then quit again a for a few weeks before the cycle starts over, so I am calling it my weekend chain smoker issue :D.

Not sure where this post will be heading to right now but just wanted to post this already to keep me mindful of that problem…. laters….

Update July 17th 2014:

Looks like this post is about a month old now, I finally found a moment of strength and quit FOREVER a couple hours ago. It got worse with me smoking daily again. I didn’t wait for my last pack of cigarettes to be finished like I usually do (destroyed them!) and also this time (before I always kept a little asterisk with a loophole open) I have told myself there won’t be exceptions when I go out drinking or have a stressful moment or whatever, I made it clear to myself that this will be it, I will never smoke a cigarette again. I am used to dealing with the withdrawal stuff so that will be annoying for a few days or a week but not too hard for me, the real test is time, I need to be strong when tempted…

I feel good right now and looking forward to a smoke free life, I hope I will have a positive update in a couple months here.

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