The Beginning Of REAL Change

Hello, my name is Toni, 31 years old and I had a bit of a wake-up call a few weeks ago when I almost passed out on a short bicycle ride to my garden house (the same guy that bicycled 2 continents like 7 years prior), because of that and a bunch of other signs of poor health, lots of stress and an overall unfulfilling life I have decided to make a bunch of real changes in my life and work on building the life/health/happiness I always wanted and this blog will help me keep track of my goals/ideas and motivate me to become the person I really want to be.

I am blessed with a fairly clear idea of how I want my life to look like in the future but the last few years I have been doing things completely wrong in so many ways, basically I was step by step bringing me further away from my dreams and am now sitting on a bunch home-made problems. I am regretting a lot of my decisions but there is no point dwelling in the past, I got a whole future ahead of me so it’s not too late to finally make the right choices and live the dream :)…

Starting this blog is already a big step in the right direction for me, I have no idea how many notebooks with ideas/plans/goals/dreams I started in my life and then abandoned or getting side tracked mainly because I was a serious workaholic the past years (and got nothing really to show for, which just makes me shake my head as I write this). I basically wasted some of the best years of my life in front of the computer trying to get rich and set me up for a good future when I could have had a good life in the present moment and avoided some of the problems with health and others I am facing now, not saying it was all that bad, I did have some pretty good years earning wise but my money management wasn’t the best so I am basically back starting at zero.

Going forward I am going to work more smart and effective and will have plenty of time in my day for other things (I am hoping to become a professional poker player by the end of 2014 but not by forcing it this time but by choosing the smart path) . Taking over this website which used to be a placeholder for my domain brokerage and finally putting it towards the use I more or less intended for it like 4 years ago when I bought it feels like the beginning of a lot of good things to come for me.

I am not really sure how the whole thing will be put together but I guess I will just keep writing brutally honest posts about the stuff I want/need to work on, some ideas, my poker career, hobbies, my travels etc and sort things out later…

Let’s go! I am ready for some serious mind and body hacking!

Toni 🙂

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